Hansel and Gretel: two witches

fairytales witches Mar 02, 2021

Witches occur in many fairy tales from around the world. One, undoubtedly scary crone, lives in a house of sugared windows and biscuit roofing, deep in the forest. This is where Hansel and Gretel end up once they have been deliberately abandoned in the forest by their parents!

The children's mother is the one pushing for them to be abandoned, and she is the natural mother (in the Grimm version, not a step-mother). In this sense she is the first of two witches. Of course, when we come to consider the deeper meaning of this tale, what she is doing is necessary if the children are to learn their true spiritual heritage.
The tale is unusual for a second reason, as the two main characters are named.

The short video explores the main elements of the well known tale.